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FSP 14: Arsenette’s Bogus Journey

June 13th, 2016

Arsenette went back to Japan! William went to Florida! Only one of these statements is relevant to this podcast! Join us as we have extensive, spoiler free, preview coverage of Sasuke 32. We discuss who was there, what they ran on, and why certain things happened the way they did!

Also, we say a lot of really nice things about American Ninja Warrior's All Star Special and season 8 premiere!


Show Notes:
0:37 Intro
1:30 Arsenette update
3:39 William went to Florida
12:30 William finished his first home obstacle
13:47 William is doing his first panel at AnimeNext!
24:20 ANW All Star Special Review
47:40 Talk about Pro Sportsman No. 1
57:58 ANW All Star Special Review (con't) (& SNL skit)
1:09:51 Early ANW 8 impressions
1:13:59 ANW: College Edition is back on!
1:20:55 Takeshi's Castle/MXC may be one of the most influential game shows
1:22:46 Sasuke 32 and ANW have the same obstacle & the US competitors
1:37:00 Sasuke 32 competitor preview
2:06:48 Sasuke 32 taping issues
2:17:52 Morrimoto did not compete
2:27:52 New obstacles for Stage 1 and 2 talk!
2:50:54 Arsenette's Final Thoughts 
2:57:47 Closing

Music Credits:
"Mayan Hunt"
by: Taylor Grover

FSP 13: One Year Later, We’re Climbing Mountains!

May 6th, 2016

We did it! We managed to last a whole year! In celebration of this unprecedented event, we're going to be talking about mountains! Who doesn't love mountains? They're so big and rocky. Some even have snow on them! Let's just spend all future episodes talking about mountains!

Say, doesn't Sasuke take place on a mountain? We can talk about that as well.


Show Notes:
0:32 Intro
2:24 Arsenette updates on her IndieGoGO and the future of her blog.
16:38 William personal updates and personal projects
27:41 The Sasuke 32 auditions and Nico Nico broadcast with Kouji Hashimoto!
37:00 2016 Maguro Festival
40:44 Sasuke Vietnam Season 2 and Ninja Warrior France taped
45:57 William's quick review of BBC One's "Can't Touch This"
50:52 Check out the Armchair Ninja Podcast
53:10 What is Arsenette looking forward to in Japan?
1:00:08 Sasuke 32 possibilities discussion
1:09:00 Closing

Music Credits:
by: Isaac Wilkins

FSP 12: Look Who’s Coming To Sasuke Vietnam

April 8th, 2016


Sasuke Vietnam has recently started to tape and a plethora of international competitors are going to be competing! Join us as we discuss who's going. Also, we discuss the finale of Team Ninja Warrior, Ninja Warrior in the UK and put the National Ninja League to rest.

Show Notes:
0:30 Intro
3:47 Final Stage Podcast has a website now
5:42 Arsenette's "State of Sasuke" series
13:48 Arsenette's IndieGoGo
21:03 William's personal stuff
25:44 The complete National Ninja League video series is up
43:37 Sasuke 32 applications are closed & Nico Nico update
51:10 Sasuke 28-30 aired in the UK
59:33 Sasuke Vietnam will include international competitors. We have the full list!
1:06:00 ANW 8 updates

1:11:50 More Sasuke Vietnam discussion

1:20:26 Team Ninja Warrior Grand Finals
1:55:32 Two Questions! "So now that SASUKE 32 applications are open, who do you hope will be in the next tournament?"
Also, "Which obstacle from the past do you want back for Sasuke 32?"
2:13:51 Closing

FSP 11: The National Ninja League Finals Were Awesome!

March 6th, 2016

The National Ninja League Finals was this past weekend. We both went. It was awesome! Join us as we discuss the experience in great length.

Also, we discuss applications being open for both Sasuke 32 and Sasuke Vietnam, the locations for American Ninja Warrior 8, and even more Team Ninja Warrior discussion.

Show notes:
0:44 Intro
1:54 William talks about his projects (New Hg Labs!)
5:31 Arsenette talks about her projects

Anniversary month for Rambling Rican
14:00 Update on USA vs The World
17:33 ANW announces a college edition! (sorta)
23:58 The locations for the ANW 8 regionals are announced!
31:50 Some ANW 8 thoughts & Olympics discussion
41:00 Discussion about Nickelodeon games shows (& music in game shows)
47:28 The applications for Sasuke 32 is up and the show will air in Summer!
57:52 Sasuke Vietnam season 2 update
1:03:11 The origin of MindOfCrazyPerson
1:11:30 Team Ninja Warrior discussion
1:30:38 Super long discussion about the National Ninja League Finals
2:39:58 Hopes for Sasuke 32 and ANW 8
2:45:37 Closing

Music Credits:
by: Taylor Grover

FSP 10: Trios Is Greater Than Cinco

February 5th, 2016

USA vs The World has finally aired! However, you probably didn't hear about from NBC. But, you may have heard about Team Ninja Warrior. Or maybe the National Ninja League? Perhaps you heard that England is getting new episodes of Ninja Warrior based on Sasuke Rising? And if you haven't heard of any of that, you can listen to our picks for Team Ninja Warrior Trios.

All of those other things are better than USA vs The World. But at least Arsenette like this year's ANW vs The World better than the previous ANW vs The World.


Show notes:
0:23 Intro
5:05 William updates on his projects
10:11 Arsenette updates on her projects
13:11 UK TV network, Challenge will be airing new Ninja Warrior episodes based on Sasuke Rising
21:19 Recap of the latest Sasuke Nico Nico livestream
24:38 Team Ninja Warrior episodes 1-3 discussion
1:10:07 USA vs The World discussion
1:46:34 National Ninja League Finals preview
1:52:41 Is USA vs The World a waste of time?
     The Mario Maker course William made: E58B-0000-01B5-E363
2:01:47 What do we think of Team Japan?
2:04:32 Who would we have sent to represent Team Japan?
2:08:53 What Team Ninja Warrior trios would we create?
2:21:34 Closing

Music Credits:
"Pipeline Pursuit"
by: Isaac Wilkins

FSP 09: Team Ninja Warrior Secret Showing

January 8th, 2016

Happy new year, everybody! In honor of the new year, William and Arsenette discuss the new, upcoming show “Team Ninja Warrior”. Esquire secretly previewed the first episode and William watched the whole thing. Join us as William discusses the episode in depth with Arsenette. Did he like it? Well…

Also, the duo talks about Inui’s latest livestream, the competitors representing USA, Japan, and Europe in USA vs the World, the ANW entry deadline, the National Ninja League, and how someone can get away with claiming a Canadian is from France.


Show notes:
0:26 Intro
1:06 William discusses Christmas in NYC and watching Star Wars Episode VII
3:04 Arsenette discusses her new calendar! (and other Rambling Rican stuff)
13:35 Our New Year's Resolutions
17:53 Rundown of the latest Sasuke Nico Nico show by Masato Inui!
24:16 Reminder: ANW 8 application deadline is January 17
25:19 National Ninja League Finals to be held on February 27 & 28 at the Movement Lab
26:43 USA vs The World airing January 31. The three teams are publicly revealed!
43:08 Who are we looking forward to on USA vs The World?
59:54 Esquire previews Team Ninja Warrior by airing the first episode early. We have a spoiler-free discussion about the show.
1:44:02 Closing

Music Credits:
"Sands of Time"
by: Isaac Wilkins

FSP 08: Let’s Go Sasuke Ninja X Warrior Indonesia Dream Team II

December 4th, 2015

It’s the last show of the year and we still have plenty to talk about! Arsenette visited the Movement Lab and talked to Chris Wilczewski about the National Ninja League. Afterwards, we talk in detail about both Let’s Go Dream Team expanding into other countries and the construction of Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia.

Also, William reveals the identity of the fifth man on team USA during the X Warrior world event! It’s a good way to end the year, so check it out!


Show notes:
0:31 Intro
2:21 William saw the musical "Something Rotten"
5:00 Arsenette visited the Movement Lab
7:55 Interview with Chris Wilczewski
11:14 National Ninja League Talk
20:16 ANW 8 Update
22:55 Katsumi Yamada appeared in a new commercial. It was... interesting.
36:50 China vs USA on X Warrior! Who's the fifth man?!
52:45 Korean obstacle course/variety game show “Let’s Go Dream Team!” expanding to other countries. Could a US version work?
1:13:33 Sasuke Vietnam taping delayed
1:15:28 Ninja Warrior France announced
1:18:47 The construction Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia and behind the scenes videos posted by Inui
1:49:56 Closing

Music Credits:
"Yeti Set Go!"
by: Isaac Wilkins

FSP 07: Sasuke 32 Confirmed? Believe it!

November 10th, 2015

Good news everyone! Sasuke director Masato Inui launched a new Sasuke web series and confirmed that Sasuke 32 has been green lit! The bad news is that the Final Stage Podcast has some new competition. Oh well! I doubt we have much to worry about. In the meantime, join us as we discuss ANW at NYCC, the announcement of Team Ninja Warrior, China vs The World, and the Canadian version of Sasuke that is in no way fake.

Also, William talks about Boruto, meaning we actually do talk about the other Sasuke.



Show notes:
0:31 Intro
1:36 Arsenette has a brand new dot com!
12:00 William went to New York Comic Con and saw Boruto: Naruto the Movie.
28:38 James "The Beast" McGrath was on Twitch's NYCC livestream to talk about ANW
32:35 Ninja gyms are holding a competition called the National Ninja League
35:24 Team Ninja Warrior is official!
49:53 X-Warrior held their own international competition. We know 4 of the 5 members of team USA!
55:16 Sasuke Vietnam Season 2 and the new Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia are about to tape!
1:07:23 Ninja Warrior Canada is real! Oh wait, it's not.
1:15:26 Inui has a new Sasuke themed web series and confirmed that Sasuke 32 is happening!
1:32:37 William gives a message about his 8 year anniversary of making videos.
1:40:26 Closing

Music Credits:
"Python's Crypt"
by: Isaac Wilkins

FSP 06: There Can Be Only One! (In America)

October 2nd, 2015

I (William) have to be honest; I was not expecting to have this conversation. I thought we were just going to talk about the USA vs The World special and celebrate the fact that anyone around the world can now buy Sasuke 31 merchandise. But not only has USA vs The World not aired yet, but ANW had two people complete its final stage! However, only one person got the cash... and the title of “First American Ninja Warrior”.


We have no choice but to talk about this. Join us as we break down the season finale of ANW 7 where we talk about their version of the Crazy Cliffhanger, the controversial results of the Final Stage and the very messy fallout. Also, we talk about which Americans will be competing on X Warrior, TBS's views on internet streaming and their handling of Amagi Brilliant Park, William's journey to the location of ANW, Tobal 2, Sasuke video games, and who William thinks should star in a hypothetical US version of Takeshi's Castle.

This one was a bit weird, so strap in, folks!


Show notes:
0:26 Intro
2:20 William went to the US Open and some video game conventions
7:07 Quick talk about import and Sasuke video games
12:57 William also went to Las Vegas and traveled to the set of ANW
25:06 ANW Vegas finals discussion start
29:38 Discussion about ANW's version of the Crazy Cliffhanger
38:29 ANW 7's controversial Final Stage and the fallout from it
1:00:13 Geoff Britten has been receiving support from the community & how NBC can fix things
1:11:07 More fallout discussion and its connection to Sasuke, both real and hypothetical
1:20:05 Should ANW pay/respect the competitors more?
1:27:58 Closing thoughts on ANW 7
1:33:00 Update on X Warrior's World Event
1:44:32 Anyone around the world can now buy official Sasuke 31 merchandise via Tokyo Otaku Mode!
1:52:29 So why is TBS selling Sasuke 31 merchandise worldwide when no country outside of Japan has aired it? Also, why have they not tried internet streaming?
2:14:50 William pitches an idea for an American version of Takeshi's Castle
2:21:53 Closing

Music Credits:
"Crypt Crawlers"
by: Taylor Grover

FSP 05: Sasuke’s Chinese Knockoff

September 4th, 2015

We've teased it for months. Now we have no choice but to talk about X Warrior! Some interesting developments have happened with the Chinese show and William and Arsenette break down the details.

Also, the two talk about ANW, Morimoto's celebration, Bunpei's surprise, the Sasuke Guessing Game, and even pro wrestling!



Show notes:
0:29 Intro
1:57 Arsenette celebrated her birthday recently!
4:14 Arsenette's AnimeNext video is finally up (and other updates)
9:34 A celebration for Morimoto happened! Bunpei Shiratori was there!
16:18 William went to see NXT Takeover: Brooklyn live and raves over Bayley vs Sasha Banks
27:00 William finished the Sasuke Guessing Game and discuss the results
43:00 Arsenette discuss a funny incident from Stage 3 of Sasuke 31 and cursing people
47:37 Discussion of the ANW regional episodes
1:11:24 We actually talk about X Warrior! Legal stuff is going down!
1:34:19 Send us you suggestions for future episodes!
1:37:23 Final Stage Podcast is now on iTunes!(and how you can support the show)
1:53:30 Closing

Music Credits:
by: Taylor Grover

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