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FSP 24: Ultimate Beastmaster Review: The Next Generation of Obstacle Courses (Final Episode)

April 7th, 2017


What happens when you take a show like Ninja Warrior and give it a Hollywood budget? You get Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster. The gigantic obstacle course competition featured 108 competitors from 6 countries competing in a real life video game where only one can claim the title. Among those competitors: Kinnikun Nakayama and Yuuji Urushihara. Join William and Arsenette as they review the massive show!

Also, the National Ninja League Season 2 Finals happened and William met Makoto Nagano there! Join us as we discuss the weekend of events, who won, and who to look forward to in ANW 9!

And finally, this is the last episode of the Final Stage Podcast. Arsenette and William reflect on the past two years. Thank you so much for following us on this wild ride.


Show notes:
0:44 Intro
8:35 Arsenette's month
12:01 William's month
19:26 William met Makoto Nagano!
30:04 National Ninja League Season 2 Finals Discussion
1:04:04 Team Ninja Warrior Season 2 debuts 4/18 on USA
1:06:40 ANW 9 debuts June 12
1:08:58 William's ANW Fantasy picks
1:17:58 Ultimate Beastmaster Review Start
1:19:55 Level 01
1:31:52 Level 02
1:42:36 Level 03
1:50:15 Level 04
1:59:36 How did Kinnikun Nakayama and Yuuji Urushihara do on Ultimate Beastmaster?
2:25:11 The grand finals
2:41:28 Looking forward to season 2 of Ultimate Beastmaster
Viewer Questions:
3:04:36 Would you be willing to share your favorite moment covering SASUKE for so long?
3:11:47 What do you think is the best "It's dumb but it works" obstacle in SASUKE?
3:14:04 What are you favorite memories from the forums - g4ums included?
3:19:00 If an American version of Kinniku Banzuke were to come into existence, what new events would you want them to feature?
3:22:00 If an American version of Pro Sportsman No.1 were to come into existence, what ANW competitors/new events would you want them to feature?
3:23:40 If ANW had their own list of All-Stars and Shin Sedai,who do you think would be included in them?
3:29:25 What will you guys do now? Will you continue to be on the SMF? Did you think this podcast would be this good?
3:34:30 What was your favorite/most memorable SASUKE-related event you ever blogged about?
3:40:00 What was your favorite episode of the Podcast?
3:45:07 What's your favorite podcast intro?
3:47:48 William discusses the music used for the podcast intros
3:53:39 Final thoughts on the Final Stage Podcast
4:07:08 Closing

Music Credits:
"Sprint" (2016)

by: Isaac Wilkins

Special Thanks: Makoto Nagano for recording the into for our final episode!

FSP 23: Kunoichi 9 Review: Best Kunoichi Ever!

March 3rd, 2017


Kunoichi has finally returned and, you know what? It was fantastic! William and Arsenette break down the revival and talk about all the things the show did right.

Also, we discuss the ANW All Star Special, preview the National Ninja League Finals, give our impressions of Ultimate Beastmaster, and more!


Show notes:
0:35 Intro
3:42 The future of the podcast
9:57 Arsenette's month and updates
14:08 We got a write up in!
20:58 William's month and updates
24:21 Preview of the National Ninja League Season 2 Finals
33:00 ANW All Star Special Discussion
Viewer Questions:
1:12:52 What team had the best chance of winning ANW all stars?
1:14:52 Do you think a adjustment for height cleared on mega wall should be done when someone is much taller?
1:16:16 What other super-sized obstacles like would you like to see in future All-Star specials?
1:17:54 Did you like the additions to the Skills Comp?
1:21:46 Would you like to see a form of the Endless Invisible Ladder as a future Final Stage?
1:22:12 What Sportsman/Sports Danshi style events would you like seeing ANW competitors try out?
1:25:14 Team Ninja Warrior Season 2 begins March 7th!
1:26:53 Early impressions of Netflix's Ultimate Beastmaster!
1:51:48 Kunoichi 9 review
1:59:16 Red Zone
2:24:13 Blue Zone
2:33:41 Final Stage
2:35:11 Kunoichi 9 final thoughts
Viewer Questions:
2:46:05 How did you react to that Kunoichi intro?
2:46:20 Do you think that had the pole stayed in the Final, Hikari Izumi would have done it?
2:46:52 What did you think about the Kunoichi obstacles?
2:49:00 Best clear and best fail in Kunoichi 9. Favorite moment not involving a win?
2:54:18 Do Arsenette have a rough estimate for a release date of her book?
2:55:28 Do you think ANW would benefit with international competitors?
2:57:20 What was your favorite part of the ANW boot camp?
3:02:46 Closing

Music Credits:
"Noxgames Part 4" Isaac Wilkins

FSP22: Kunoichi Is Back! Esquire Is Dead! Beastmaster has Arrived!

February 3rd, 2017


After 7.5 years of inactivity, Kunoichi 9 is finally here! William and Arsenette preview the newly revived show and all the new changes and obstacles the show features. Also, we get ready for Ultimate Beastmaster's debut on Netflix and discuss which two Sasuke competitors will be competing on the course. Unfortunately, we have to discuss the announced cancellation of the Esquire Network and what effect it may have on Sasuke and Ninja Warrior in the future.


Show notes:
0:35 Intro
3:03 Arsenette's month and updates
4:45 William's month and updates
9:54 General news updates
11:54 Ultimate Beastmaster debuts on February 24th on Netflix! We discuss the format and latest trailer.
Viewer Questions Part 1:
32:21 Are the Ultimate Beastmaster episodes region specific?
38:08 Do you think Ultimate Beastmaster will threaten ANW's hold on the "Obstacle Course Show" in any meaningful way?
47:11 Do you wish to have any another Sasuke star to compete on Ultimate Beastmaster? If so, who?
49:20 Kacy Catanzaro appeared in a WWE ring. Wait, what?!
55:33 ANW 8 All Star Specail airs February 20th
1:02:20 Esquire Network is shutting down and will be repurposed as a digital platform. What does this mean for Sasuke/Ninja Warrior?1:31:47 The Sasuke 33 auditions happened! The show tapes February 11th and 12th
Viewer Questions Part 2:
1:39:12 Do you think anyone will make it to the final stage for Sasuke 33?
1:46:39 Who do you hope will return for the 20th anniversary of SASUKE?
1:54:30 With Katsumi Yamada's return to Sasuke, what is un-ironically your favorite run of his?
2:00:16 Favorite style of Omori's hair?
2:03:58 Do you think there will be an American Ninja Warrior video game designed for the Nintendo Switch,XBOX One,& PS4?
2:07:45 Kunoichi 9 is coming February 12th! We break down the new course, look, and format.
Viewer Questions Part 3:
2:41:37 Was Ninja Warrior UK/Sasuke 1 an inspiration for Kunoichi 9 (because it's indoors)?
2:48:30 What do you hope to see in KUNOICHI 9? Final Stage?
2:49:44 We want that hoodie!
2:51:05 What do you think of the colors use for Kunoichi 9?
2:53:42 What are your personal expectations for Kunoichi 9?
2:54:27 What is your favorite/most notable Kunoichi failure?
3:00:20 What do you think the ratings for Kunpichi 9 will be?
3:02:21 Do you think Kunoichi would be better off with the three stage format?
3:06:09 Get ready for a lot of stuff these next two months!
3:07:56 Closing

Music Credits:
"Picture Panic v2"

by: Isaac Wilkins

FSP 21: Sasuke 3 Review: Keep Rolling, Rolling, Rolling Log

January 6th, 2017


There are many memorable obstacles in Sasuke history. But in Sasuke 3, we saw one of most memorable, and one of the most destructive, obstacles of all time make its debut: The Rolling Log. Through its entire run, the Rolling Log laid many Sasuke hopefuls to waste, especially in Sasuke 3. However, despite its destructive nature, one competitor was able to rocket into superstardom.

Also, we discuss Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness, the return of Kunoichi, Ultimate Beastmaster and some exclusive SASUKE 33 news!


Show notes:
0:31 Intro
5:07 Arsenette's month
8:12 William's month
24:21 Esquire Network's problems
42:37 Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness review
1:15:00 Ultimate Beastmaster airs February 24th
1:21:13 Matt Iseman is on the New Celebrity Apprentice
1:22:38 Update on Nagano fundraiser
1:27:08 ANW 4 memories
1:29:59 Exclusive Sasuke 33 news and who will be number 100
1:36:12 ANW 9 regional locations and dates
1:49:12 Who's Sasuke's newest commentator?
1:50:49 Kunoichi 9 announced! What format will it take?
2:06:20 Who will possibly return to Sasuke 33?
2:07:42 Arsenete looks at Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness's trophy
2:09:03 Sasuke 3 Review Intro
2:16:03 Stage 1
2:37:39 Stage 2
2:41:54 Stage 3
2:55:18 Final Stage
3:02:43 Final thoughts on Sasuke 3
3:07:40 Saying goodbye to the Hang Move (and good riddance!)
Viewer questions:
3:12:10 How do you feel about the fails that resulted from the Rolling Log going off the rails?
3:15:08 Your thoughts on Yamada at this point?
3:18:28 Yamada came inches away from achieving Kanzenseia. Do you think that's a real reason on why he became known as "Mr. SASUKE"? Also, was Akiyama worthy of getting a high number?
3:21:24 Could the near-freezing temperatures during Yamada's Final Stage attempt have significantly impacted his chance at kanzenseiha?
3:26:37 What do you think needs to be done to improve Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness if it comes back next year?
3:36:06 If Japan was in USA vs The World who do you think they would of sent?
3:44:17 Closing

Music Credits:
"Bomber Team"
by: Isaac Wilkins

FSP 20: Sasuke 2 Review: Welcome to Midoriyama

December 2nd, 2016


One year after Sasuke 1, TBS decided to bring back Sasuke and call it Sasuke 2! But they couldn't do it indoors again, they needed to move outdoors! So they packed everything on a truck (including the contestants!) and shipped them to Midoryama. So join us as we review Sasuke's first foray outdoors, Sasuke 2!

Also, we discuss Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness, Team Ninja Warrior Denmark, Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and The Ultimate Beastmaster?!


Show notes:
0:30 Intro
4:59 William reviews the Double Dare Reunion and the Legends of the Hidden Temple movie
8:48 Arsenette's month and projects
12:52 Team Ninja Warrior Denmark discussion
15:58 Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness episode 1 discussion
34:25 Yuuji Urushihara is competing on Ultimate Beastmaster, which should hopefully be debuting soon
43:17 Sasuke application deadline is January 6th
45:18 There's a crowdfunding campaign to get Nagano to the US!
50:58 Sasuke 2 Review Intro
1:02:05 Stage 1
1:20:09 Stage 2
1:31:57 Stage 3
1:40:17 Final Stage
1:46:58 Saying goodbye to some obstacles
Viewer questions:
1:52:29 What do you think of the Hang Move, and do you think there has ever been an easier Stage Three obstacle?
1:56:03 So despite how it was back then, should everyone still accept that Chie Nishimura is the 1st woman to beat Stage 1?
1:59:16 Do you think that Chie Nishimura's mistake on the Spider Walk caused the Body Prop in SASUKE 5?
2:00:30 What are obstacles/competitors from Sasuke 1 you would love to see in Sasuke today?
2:04:00 What was your reaction to Chie Tanabe clearing the 1st stage?
2:13:07 Do you think Akiyama wore #100 well? Do you think it was deserved?
2:15:32 Sasuke 2 final thoughts
2:17:34 2016 In Review
2:26:55 Closing

Music Credits:
"Ep 5 - Mansion"

by: Isaac Wilkins

P.S. Kunoichi 8 sucks

FSP 19: Sasuke 1 Review: Back to Where it All Began (ft. Rich from Armchair Ninja Podcast)

November 4th, 2016

Everything has to start somewhere, and Sasuke is no exception! For this episode we travel all the way back to 1997 and watch the very first Sasuke tournament. Back then, the course was indoors, the contestants were brand new to the course, and there were hardly any water pits. Join William, Arsenette, and our special guest Rich from the Armchair Ninja Podcast as we go back to where it all began and review Sasuke 1!

Also, we talk Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness, the opening of applications for both ANW9 and Sasuke 33 and we all answer your questions!


Guest Host Rich:

Show notes:
0:32 Intro
2:19 Arsenette's month and projects
3:46 William's month and projects
6:59 Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness starts Nov 22
9:41 Applications for both Sasuke 33 and ANW 9 are open!
15:01 Will there be two Sasuke competitions this year?
20:40 Sasuke 1 Review Intro
24:43 Stage 1
48:44 Stage 2
1:10:38 Stage 3
1:22:25 Final Stage
Viewer questions (Sasuke 1):
1:29:36 Who do you think did the best of everyone?
1:32:07 When was the first time you saw the episode?
1:32:53 Do you prefer the cleaner, indoor, "basic" look used in Sasuke 1, or the industrial "grunge" look later? & Do you like Sasuke inside or outside?
1:36:59 What was the hardest obstacle on Sasuke 1?
General viewer questions:
1:41:00 What is your most fond memory of a Sasuke competitor (or ANW competitor) interacting with you?
1:50:38 In your opinion how many times do they have to compete to be considered a veteran?
1:51:59 How could you forget the fact that Aoki cleared the first obstacle in Viking 2? It was a big moment in course history!
1:54:55 Who's your favorite foreign competitor on Sasuke?
1:58:22 How do you think Yusuke Morimoto, Shingo, and Takeda will do in Sasuke 33?
2:03:57 Any news on the international Sasuke event?
2:07:31 Closing

Music Credits:
"Noxgames Part 1"
by: Isaac Wilkins

FSP 18: VIKING!!! (And ANW, I guess)

October 7th, 2016

Before Ninja Warrior debuted on G4, ESPN began airing a different obstacle course show from the same people producing Sasuke at the time. That show was called Viking. With marine themed courses and many familiar faces, join William and Arsenette as they talk about the original, family and celebrity versions of Viking, featuring runs from Nagano, Yamada, Akiyama, Yamamoto, Sato, Komiya, HG, and even The Octopus! Now that I think about it, having The Octopus compete on a nautical theme obstacle course makes a lot of sense. No wonder he did better on that show.

Also, we talk about the finale of ANW 8, Esquire's Ninja Warrior marathon, and more!


Show notes:
0:32 Intro
1:31 Arsenette's projects update
7:23 William's month
William on Console Wars panel:
10:05 Latest Sasuke news
12:05 Celebrity Ninja Warrior Announced
17:53 Team Ninja Warrior College Edition airs in November
23:17 ANW 8 Stage 1 Part 2 Review
33:23 ANW 8 Stage 2 Review
55:49 ANW 8 Stage 3 Review
1:03:49 ANW 8 Final Stage and final thoughts
1:09:23 ANW at the Emmys
1:11:41 Jessie Graff discussion
1:23:09 Esquire's Ninja Warrior 3-day marathon discussion
1:58:35 What happened to all the American Ninja Challenge winners?
2:01:00 Some Ninja Warrior talk from the G4 days
2:11:00 Original Viking Review
3:13:59 Family Viking Review
3:31:41 Celebrity Viking Review
3:45:15 Viking final thoughts
3:57:30 Closing

Music Credits:
by: Taylor Grover

FSP 17: Sasuke 32 Super Obstacle Course Obstacle Discussion

September 1st, 2016

With Sasuke 32 reviewed and in the books, there's only one thing left to do: talk about the obstacles! Join William and Arsenette as they break down the course and decide what they would keep and what should be destroyed.

Also, William updates on ANW, the return of Team Ninja Warrior and the National Ninja League, Sasuke's return to US TV, and we answer your GLORIOUS questions!

Show notes:
0:30 Intro (& Olympics talk)
9:03 Update on Arsenette's projects
14:08 William's month
21:23 Sasuke Guessing Game XII Results
24:20 Esquire's Ninja Warrior Labor Day Marathon update!
35:17 National Ninja League Season 2 has begun!
39:56 Team Ninja Warrior Season 2 has filmed!
44:07 William's new thoughts on ANW 8, so far
1:00:59 Sasuke 33 is happening next year
1:03:33 Obstacle discussion start
First Stage
1:04:01 Quad Steps & Rolling Hill
1:09:29 TIE Fighter
1:10:37 Music Box
1:12:04 Double Pendulum 
1:13:40 Tackle
1:16:27 Warped Wall
1:17:17 Tarzan Rope & Lumberjack Climb
Second Stage
1:23:59 Cross Slider 
1:25:16 Salmon Ladder Up & Salmon Ladder Down 
1:26:32 Spider Walk & Spider Drop
1:27:21 Backstream
1:30:32 Reverse Conveyor
1:31:12 Wall Lift
Third Stage
1:37:52 Drum Hopper Kai 
1:38:33 Flying Bar 
1:41:52 Sidewinder R Kai 
1:44:36 Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger & Vertical Limit Kai
1:48:57 Pipe Slider
Final Stage
1:53:46 Spider Climb & Salmon Ladder & Rope Climb
Viewer Questions!
1:57:53 Do you think Kakashi a.k.a. Dave Wittenberg should come back as the announcer for Ninja Warrior?
1:58:51 Japan's getting replaced by Latin America in ANW USA vs The World 2016. Are you still gonna blog it or not?
2:00:28 When it comes to American competitors in SASUKE do you classify them differently depending on how they came on the show?
2:02:48 Do you think there will be a Women of American Ninja Warrior?
2:09:51 More ANW 8 talk (with some past history)
2:17:14 Breaking News!
2:19:01 What were our reactions to the All Star runs?
2:26:21 How does our audience listen to the podcast?
2:32:37 Closing

Music Credits:
by: Isaac Wilkins

FSP 16: Sasuke 32 Review and Ninja Warrior Returns to the US!

August 5th, 2016

Sasuke 32 has come and gone, but not everything is right in the world. We break down what happen with show and discuss what worked, and what didn't. Also, we talk about the Ultimate Crazy Cliffhanger, American Ninja Warrior's Emmy nomination, the Olympics, sewage, William's AnimeNext panel, the new Final Stage, rain, Spartans, physics and more crazy things. And, oh yea, SASUKE IS COMING BACK TO THE US!

Show notes:
0:33 Intro
1:30 Spartan: Ultimate Warrior discussion
7:42 Recap of William's Sasuke 32 Live Preshow
13:58 William made an appearance on the Sons of Kojima podcast discussing BattleBots!
16:17 William says nice things about ANW 8
22:36 History of American Ninja Challenge
25:48 ANW 8, Olympics talk, and Kamikaze shots!
30:21 William's AnimeNext panel video is up!
40:47 Arsenette talks about her month and the vlogs she uploaded.
52:44 Sasuke is coming back to US television! Esquire will air old and new episodes of Ninja Warrior.
1:09:02 Sasuke 32 talk start
1:15:51 Is Sasuke 32 like Sasuke 8?
1:17:56 The wet weather conditions
1:28:13 Day 2 of filming
1:37:13 Shunsuke Nagasaki was actually shown!
1:43:33 Kenji Darvish and Kenji Takahashi's bad luck with the weather
1:50:43 William gives a physics lesson with the Tackle
2:01:07 Figuring out where people failed & the final stage
2:15:33 Makoto Nagano's final run
2:33:15 Stage 2. That was a thing.
2:46:55 Stage 3 and the Ultimate Crazy Cliffhanger was cleared by Drew Drechsel!
2:57:25 How did Reina Akiyama, Grace Mineta, Jin, & Perry Oosterlee do?
3:02:10 Sasuke 33 confirmed, the changes in the future & ANW's Emmy nomination
3:12:07 The response to women in ANW and Sasuke (also, Jun Sato)
3:17:55 How tough is the Ultimate Crazy Cliffhanger & Vertical Limit Kai combo?
3:21:20 What about Drew in the future?
3:25:27 What was the Japanese response to the Americans?
3:33:11 Final thoughts
3:46:04 Closing

Music Credits:
by: Isaac Wilkins

FSP 15: Sasuke 32 Preview Show!

July 1st, 2016

Sasuke 32 is almost here! Let's talk about it at great length! We talk about the new obstacles from Stage 3 and answer YOUR questions!

Also, William recounts the details of his very first panel and we tell you what time Sasuke is airing in your timezone!

Show notes:
0:32 Intro
4:04 Recap of William's very first panel at AnimeNext!
26:44 Update on Arsenette's videos and projects
28:39 Airdates for the Sasuke Navi, Sasuke 32, and Nico Nico Livestream!
37:30 Early history of some of the All Stars
44:17 Wednesday Downtown's Sasuke/Super Mario Maker crossover featuring Akiyama and Yamada!
58:42 Yamada 360 videos on YouTube
1:01:48 Yatsui Festival Recap
1:05:07 Stage 3's new obstacles! (+ Full obstacle list)
Viewer questions!
1:32:19 "Were you disappointed about Stage 2 not being given a huge overhaul?"
1:35:40 "What was it like to finally meet Texan in Tokyo in real life?"
1:39:39 "Do you think the course would look much better with a higher budget?"
1:39:59 "What is your favourite new obstacle?"
1:43:35 "Did the weather/scheduling changes raise tensions for the competitors moreso this year than any average tournament you'd say?"
1:46:54 "What about not inviting Geoff Britten but inviting Brent Steffensen?"
1:49:29 "Do you like the increased number of Foreigners competing in Sasuke 32? Would you like to see more or less? Any specific people?"
1:54:35 "How did it feel to spend time with the all stars? Also did you have any funny moments with Shingo at all?"
1:55:59 "Did you talk to the Americans at all, and if so what did you talk about?"
1:57:35 "How far does Will think nagano will get and hope how far he gets?"
1:59:06 "Do you think ANW does a better job giving exposure to female competitors then SASUKE?"
2:05:14 "Would you elaborate on your experience at Japanese Denny's?"
2:07:02 "ll-Stars excepted, if you could pick someone to come back, a la Shunsuke Nagasaki, who would you personally choose?"
2:14:05 "What is your favorite obstacle, past or present and why is it the Circle Slider and/or Arm Bike?"
2:30:23 Closing

Music Credits:
"Bridge 3 Far"
by: Isaac Wilkins

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